(noun) Large breasts.
Also: "Tig Ol' Bitties" (American Southern pronunciation)
Man, she's got some tig bitties!
by Mike November 10, 2003
switch the t and b around and you'll have big titties. This phrase is used to express the size of a woman's breast when you cannot contain yourself in her presence and feel the urge to verbalize your discovery.
OH MY GOD, those are some tig bitties!!
by no body knows July 26, 2006
When your walking in a public place with your friends and you see a girl with nice full bodacious breasts. You wanna say something to your friends without alerting the big boobed girl, so you say "Damnnn looked at them tig bitties"
sexy big breasted female walks in the room

you:"jesus that girls got some tig bitties"

girl: what did you just sayy??

you: tig bitties, its a compliment trust me.
by LBD21 April 26, 2010
What you call a girl with titties that are supersized.
wow look at delicious megan with her tig bitties!
by melanthex March 29, 2005
really means big titters, which means someone has nice breasts. Usually used by dudes in discreet way to talk about titties while in a social situation or in the classroom with out anyone being the wiser.
dude, she has some nice tig bitties
by ManBear May 4, 2007
large, voluptous, watermelon-sized breasts
Guy #1: Check that girl out! I wanna shove my face in her tig bitties!
Guy #2: You'd get lost!
by Anonymous June 11, 2003