27 definitions by melanthex

What you call a girl with titties that are supersized.
wow look at delicious megan with her tig bitties!
by melanthex March 28, 2005
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A show about aging sluts that many find entertaining. The storyline is about succesfull middle aged women who love to fuck everything with a cock. With every oppurtunity to settle down and have a family what do they do bang another guy. Somehow the sex on this show is different than regular sex because they do it in the city.
I am incredibly bored so Im going to turn on sex and the city and watch horny old women
by melanthex March 31, 2005
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One of the greatest cities on earth, believe it. The town is just unlike anywhere else in the country. The city is the capital of the great state of New Mexico, and you should go there now!

Santa Fe is unique because of the citizens. The town is made up of politicians, mexicans, artists, hippies, snowboarders, musicians, authors, artists, dog lovers, and native americans, and alot of other strange citizens. Different people are what make the city what it is.

Everyone that lives there has some strange subculture UFO's, tantric sex, eastern religions, new agers, and people who's dogs have auras. The 60's are still alive there hence it is not abnormal to ask What is your sign?

What makes the city even better is the best snowboarding in New Mexico just an hour away.

go there now
Why do you want to go to Denver? to see pollution?
by melanthex June 10, 2005
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A deeply disturbing show that is made for kids. Homo-erotic in nature, four strange looking creatures that resemble a gorilla/ human baby halfbreed that have antennas on their heads go on everyday adventures. They love each other, sucking on each other, and masturbating with each other in their happy little astro-turf world. This show has probably made by child molesters.
Dipsy: love love Tinkly winkely!
Tinkely winkely: love love Dipsy!
by melanthex March 30, 2005
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The greatest state that kepps getting better. And for you stupid dumbasses that write crap about Texas on this site you better not come to Texas because the people here will kick your pansy-ass
You don not fuck with Texas!
by melanthex March 28, 2005
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When that girl is naughty you need to spank that hoe
Then at that dudes house they went swimming, she started to take of her swimsuit. He couldnt resist so he had to spank that hoe
by melanthex March 30, 2005
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