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The German and French device designed to control europe, and everyone who attemps to control europe always fail. The population of EU nations are about to plummet, who will replace them?middle-easterns and eastern europeans and what will happen to western europe then?
The EU is a great idea that is destined to FAIL!
by melanthex March 29, 2005
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A fundamentalist christain that believes in sheltering and abusing your kids. He believes that even if the parents were neglectful or uncaring that it is the kids fault. He is loved by many incompetent single moms {usually divorced} that put the blame on their kids while they were the ones that did a crappy job. See: nazi religious rightdickhead ignorance
Oh no I dont let my kids watch tv or be exposed the the world. See I used to ignore my kids when I had a stellar career so I didnt have time for them. So the fact that they are failures or disobedient is their fault.
by melanthex March 29, 2005
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A band with a bunch of buttfucking fags that sing shitty songs that everyone likes. The cd "American idiot" is embarrasing and a piece of shit. People think they are cool because they are "rebellious","punk", or "democrat" when they are just a boy band bubble gum pop cocksuckers. It has spawned a whole group of kids that say they are democrat to be cool when they dont know anything about politics at all. Lets all face it Green day is just another MTV pop band which needs to rot in hell. The songs are nothing but annoying, repetitive and untalented, and actual dems dont listen to this shit. Everyone who has graduated middle shcool or has pubes should not listen to this band.
Green day fan: Did you by the new Green day cd it is so punk and cool, I hate bush

someone with balls: Green Day can suck my cock

Green day fan: You are so not cool Green day is da bomb XOXO I feel so rebellious!
someone with balls: You are such a dumb stupid fucking fag, you goofy little fingerpainters can jump of a fucking bridge

{puts american idiot in the microwave}
by melanthex March 31, 2005
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A person that is attracted to members of the same sex.
constant exposure to Green Day is known to turn guys into fagsand girls into dykes
by melanthex March 31, 2005
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Cheap, music manufactured so that music corporations to meet the lower or middle class demographic or alot of spoiled rich, white teenagers. The only rap "song" worth a damn is (shake ya ass) watch yourself by Mystikal.
Why dont people know that rap is the next disco?
by melanthex June 11, 2005
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an actor who wathes you poop like in milshakes definition.
if you dont believe me go to www.jeffgoldblumiswatchingyoupoop.com
by melanthex March 29, 2005
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