The act of making a noun a verb by simply stating it (the noun) in a sentence as if it was a verb. For example "Im going to google that!" instead of saying "I am going to perform a search on"
Mom: "go lawnmower the backyard Roger !"

Son: "Mom, don't verbalize!! The appropriate expression is 'Go mow the lawn', and no I'm too busy smoking pot."
by SemioddMick April 1, 2010
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When a person says something over a screen but can't say it irl like a keyboard warrior
Eg :( You're doing a yolo on snap

Person chatting verbal: fham your butterz pattern
You: sym your just chatting bare verbal
by M💓. May 30, 2020
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Expressive during sex;articulating one's pleasure,giving specific directions, etc.
One guy to another: "I think you'll have a good time with her 'cause you like'em verbal."
by Julian Macanema February 2, 2008
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swearing/cursing in a argument

swearing/cursing at someone in general
'you hear the man over there giving it the verbals to that woman'
by rooseyroose February 18, 2009
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to verbal; to verbally destroy another person, through insults, statements, etc.
shut up bitch you like like mr miyagi with a bowlcut, you go to school in a v-neck and skinny-jeans and try to jerk in sketchers, get verbaled ya fag
by idiriopi August 31, 2010
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Verb-Ah-Late: When one or more people move energetically, or act out their story while talking. Very wild conversationalist.
She likes to verbalate while having a conversation.
They don't converse they verbalate!
by Krazyskooter July 3, 2010
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To out-shit talk one. To talk as much shit that the other person just stops, and starts to cry.
Danny Verballed Pat so bad that Pat cried.
by Rheptar May 31, 2009
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