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Words that are spelt how they sound. Ironically phonetic is not spelt phonetically.
Phonetic should be spelt fonetic, but English doesn't always make sense
by karloswillios May 13, 2013
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A style of speaking that involves confusing the listener with quickly spoken syllables and many consonant sounds in a row. Could be done while rapping.

This originated from's "A parent's primer to computer slang"
Yo, d'you see the spit coming out of Mr. Kane's mouth when he started going phonetic in English today?
by smoke_mirror February 25, 2005
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Refers to a voicemail service by for your pager or cellphone that translates all new voice messages to readable text that show up on your wireless screen.
"Hit me up later or drop a phonetic.", "I got her phonetics on my two-way, but I ain't calling her tonight.", or "Phonetic me those directions to your crib, alright?"
by Curtis S. May 29, 2005
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