A person, usually male, but not always, who prefers a woman’s ass to her breasts.
Ass guy: Damn, that’s a nice ass. I’m a total ass guy.
Boob guy: That’s not my forte, I’m more of a boob guy.
by voidedGround December 22, 2017
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A man who generally favors the female buttocks over everything else. It has one big pro;

It is not uncommon for a woman to have a great butt, but a large swath of women with sexy backsides are either plain looking or not so attractive facially so it makes casual dating easy since they are overall not hot enough to be choosy.
She's probably a 5/10 in the face, but dat ass! Damn! - Ass Guy
by Soul_Driver August 13, 2021
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A GUY who finds no shame in exploiting his financial situation to receive maximum benefit from co-workers and hard working businesses. This individual also blatantly steals from hard working business but always finds a self justified reason that makes it okay.
Dude, are you seriously taking a doggy bag from a chinese buffet? Didn't you eat enough?

What? I paid to eat all I can.

You're such a cheap ass GUY.
by cadillac lounge August 16, 2011
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When a girl wears pants or jeans that sag and wrinkle near her ass making it look like she has a flat, unattractive, guys ass. usually a girlscout.
wow if she wants to get any she needs to get rid of that guy ass

Ew there goes the queen of the guy asses (HL)
by miTsIemaNyM March 9, 2011
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A chick with a guy ass
Yo check out that chick, she looks like a dude from the back. she a guy ass
by Vinman83 December 28, 2009
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1. (n.) An irresistibly gorgeous latino.

2. (n.) A dude that takes your breath away when a half-cocked smile graces his luscious lips a.k.a. a 'Pac Moment'.

3. (n.) Joe from Texas.
1. "I met this FINE ASS MEXICAN GUY in the parking lot and DAMN i had a 'Pac-Moment' cuzz he took my breath away.... "
2. "I met Joe from Texas & he so hot that I was stupefied. I tripped over my stilettos tryina give him my digits!"
by thaREAL-ESTone November 8, 2020
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An italian whos says nigga alot
Wonder y theres no black guys in mario he a mooley ass nigga guy
by Semp1991 January 1, 2008
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