A dad some people call their dads papa.
"Hey look its papa(dad)."
"thats right."
by Markus Cruel July 31, 2005
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Form of greeting a close friend,boy,nigga etc. Mostly used by Puerto Ricans and Colombians also used by Ecuadorians ,Dominicans etc.
man 1: Waddap Papa
man 2: Nuttin chillin
by Snucka October 29, 2003
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Usually gets all the girls that sit in front of him. Isn't shy at all to talk to girls.
Papa is the finest boy here.
by Scientific_Guy January 25, 2017
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-A word some females use to describe their sex partner or just boyfriend.

-or something a girl might call her boyfriend or the guy fucking her, in the excitement of sex, a guy a girl looks to take care of her.
-Me: i love when my papa, jason fucks me hard.

-Is that dick for papa?

Say my name bitch! "Yes papa"
by joe meyer March 25, 2006
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it means father in the middle eastern countries
my pa hit me bcuz he saw me wit guy
by niga November 13, 2003
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Jonny Thunders is my papa.
by Big Mama November 26, 2003
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Spanish for potato. It's used for someone thats brown on the outside, but white on the inside (like a potato).
Cono papas me molestan.
by The1stLastAndOnly February 10, 2006
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