20 (twenty) dollars USD of a bag of Heroin. heroin drugs bag
Named for the container of folded paper which is done in such a way that it holds the drugs and looks like a paper ticket to a show or movie.
Hey man can I get a ticket off of you
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by milkyDG_sT April 04, 2018
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A pure numpty, an eijit, a bampot, one who can't think clearly. Glasgow Slang
Aye, bolt ya wan way ticket!
by TheMightyQuinn May 01, 2007
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$10-25 Bag of herion which breaks out two about 2 small lines.... Ten Tickets equals a bundle.
Buyer: wassup with two tickets to the Houston game?

Seller: thats gonna run ya bouta dub
by Shahman August 24, 2009
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T.I.C.K.E.T: Tipsy Introvert who Creepily Knows Everyone on Tinder
- Yo brittany seemed shy but after a few drinks you know she a ticket

- I dated dat lil ticket til I found out she swiped right on Shane and Willie
by YoungSneezy November 26, 2014
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Condoms, because you need a ticket to get in.
Oh no, you are not having sex with me without tickets.
by Michael Goodrich December 04, 2006
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pointing out to friends that if a particular person on the street comes up to them they have first rights to pick them up. You are given 10 tickets only a day so they must be used on only the hotest.
'look at her'
'yeah, Ticket!'
by Renshaw30@hotmail.com July 12, 2009
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When something is ticket, it's fucking ticket, alright? And see, see when somethin's fuckinggg absolutely ticket?

It's fucking absolutely ticket, right?
Tickateer 1: "Yo mate, thats fuckin'... ticket as fuck."

Tickateer 2: "Mate, you know what. You're not wrong."
by ticketasfuck February 24, 2020
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