A small insect that attaches it's self to other living creatures and sucks their blood thus gaining the name pest. Ticks must be removed from the body or it will cause serious damage to the host such as blood loss. If ticks are found on animals it is best to get them to the vet asap.
Jessie a 9 week old puppy masstif was coverd in more then 1,000 ticks and if she wasn't found when she was she would of died of blood loss.
by Finnerty November 22, 2009
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A person capable of being self-sufficiant that chooses to live off of the American welfare sytem, thus sucking the financial blood of the American taxpayer dry.
Half of the damn country. "She can afford a smart phone, a nice car, a tanning bed, to have her hair and nails done, but she needs an EBT card to buy candy and soda. What a tick!"
by Getajobassholes April 30, 2013
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individual who prefers playing videogames instead of having a social life
Anthony: Yo i played Fifa 10 for 3 dasy straight without going out

Dylan: You are such a fucking tick
by degro January 06, 2010
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Slang: Northwest England, Particularly Liverpool and surrounding areas.

A form of Credit, Hire Purchase.

Usually issued without prior credit check, by drug dealers etc.

Normally used to buy drugs without cash upfront.

(Possibly refers to names being ticked off a list?, though most people wouldn't have an actual written list)
"Do us tick mate?"

"Fuck off you prick"
by urban111 November 03, 2006
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Substitution for a wide range of cuss words.

Can be altered to: ticker or ticking.

Can also be used as an adjective, to describe someone or something you may dislike.
"What a stupid ticking tick!"

"You're such a ticking tick, you're ticking me off!"

"ya dumb tick"

"I hate this ticking teacher, he's so ticking boring"

In a situation where you have lost your car keys, some possible responses could be:
"Holy tick!" or "Ticker!"
by Jeppie&Pelsey May 14, 2009
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Playing time or time spent in the game when playing a sport
Chris is gonna get a lotta tick next season
by CrunchedUp7 February 11, 2009
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