a person that is constantly rifling through your shit, getting into your business, and annoying the shit out of you.
she rifled through my room, damn tick
by woahdog August 19, 2009
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Just like an irritating pest, but speaking of friends or family when they become annoying or ask meaningless questions and keep "bugging" you.
Chris: Where are you going?
Eva: To the mall.
Chris: Where in the mall?
Eva: Quit being a tick!
by ChrisMG October 03, 2009
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To be in the preparation stages or considering the consumption of alcohol - before you "tock"....tick tock wine o'clock....
by Tocker September 20, 2013
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That thing that happens when a girl walks and you're staring at her ass and it moves side to side like it has a rythem to it. Girls with perfect asses will tick with no problem and you can see it from a good distance. Girls who aren't virgins have a tick that moves a lil' up and down.
Damn man look at that girl's ass! She get one good tick brah.

Hell yeah, that shit moves side to side prefect cuz.
by Ackrite123 June 20, 2006
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Guy 1: Hey dude, check that girl out over there, she is soo tick.

Guy 2: i know she is like the tickest girl ive ever seen.

Guy 1: watch me get her number

Guy 1: Hey there.

Girl 1: Hey your cute, heres my number call me sometime.
by Thom aka Gorn August 28, 2006
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