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The 1980's version of the 1990's robot dance, and the 2000's version of pop and lock. This involves, short
movements of the arms and legs with brief pauses in between. A form of breakdancing.
Wow man, your ticking is fly.
by bonneville babe February 08, 2005
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Being pissed off past the point of insanity. On the verge of flipping OUT and kicking ass.
Sue found out her boyfriend cheated on her! That bitch is TICKING!
by starlight88 February 04, 2010
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Ticking, also could be clicking or extreme and sporadic twitching that can occur randomly.

Mostly found to be caused by change in environment, stress and abuse.

Ticking has also been discovered to cause switching between mental states extremely fast. Almost mood swings like but more intense
Oh god I’ve been ticking way more then usual lately..”
by DavyCroccet2083 April 02, 2018
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