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omg only like the best UK band alive! they have awesome songs like, Smile like you Mean it, and Mr. Brightside, but their first 'big' cd came out 2004 it was called "Hot Fuss" and it managed to storm it's way up the charts slowly a year after it's release.
"MR. Brightside, Smile like you meAN it, Jenny was a friend of mine, somebody told me, Andy, your a star"
by jennifer April 18, 2005
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a girl with a big butt; shaped like an apple
That applebottom lookin right.
by jennifer March 3, 2004
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A show about rich kids living in Orange County but things get shaken up when a poor kid from chino is taken in by the Cohens..a family who live in the o.c. It's drama but it's also very funny because of Seth!
Kirsten: Seth, we need to talk to Ryan.
Seth: Okay. If this has to do with the rug, I just want to tell you that Ryan had nothing to do with it.
Kirsten: What rug?

Sandy: Fellas, do you mind?
Seth: Oh. Uh, if this is about the vase—
Sandy: What vase?
Seth: Hm? Nothing. Let's go, Ryan

Seth: So when you lost your virginity, I was playing Magic the Gathering.
Ryan: You still play Magic.
Seth: Yeah, but not as much
by jennifer April 20, 2005
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An awsomely amazing show with sexy actors adam brody and the guy playing ryans brother. I luv him! Takes place somewhere in California, not in Orange county unfortunatly, and shows the life of the rich and how screwed-up everything can get.
"Wow, good thing there was no school cause instead of studying for midterms i watched old OC episodes all night."
by jennifer April 21, 2005
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