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when a girl or guy sticks his or her finger(s) up a girl. Or when a girl uses her fingers to "rub" her genitals for sexual pleasure.
God, i feel so horny, i need some sex, but i'm single, no one to fuck. hmm I'll just FINGER myself... uhh uhh uhhh...
by Jennifer April 18, 2004

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the wack ass rapper who sounds like the cookie monster
50 dissed ja rule about sounding like the cookie monster
by Jennifer July 17, 2004

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Quirkyalone: n. a person who enjoys being single (or spending time alone) and so prefers to wait for the right person to come along rather than dating indiscriminately; relishing equal doses of solitude and friendship; attracted to freedom and possibility. Also adj.: The condition of being equally at home with singledom and being in a healthy relationship, undivided, whole. Of, relating to, or embodying quirkyalones.
Katherine Hepburn
by Jennifer December 16, 2003

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Ditzy means basically acting really dumb and innocent. Not really knowing what is going on.

Many people say it to like 'ditzy blonde' cuz blondes are ditzy

Or an easier way of putting all this into two words are "Jessica Simpson"
Wow, that blonde is so fuckin ditzy!
Jessica Simpson is the real definition of dizty blonde!
by Jennifer May 15, 2004

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A truly amazing and beautiful Finnish band that lyrics resemble an ongoing story: a Romeo and Juliet kind of undying love with blindingly sensual & romantic lyrics. Beautiful keyboard melodies and rockin' guitar riffs that go with the deep dark sensual voice of singer and lyricalist Ville Valo who happens to be the most sexiest, beautiful talented man in rock 'n' roll. They have a gothic, vampouric kind of look which makes ville and their music even more irresitable. They've created a new type of music, Love Metal which has a combination of darkness and light. Check out they're albums, Greatest Love Songs 666, Razorblade Romance, Deep shadows and brillinat highlights, Love Metal.
"HIM are the best band ever"
by Jennifer April 09, 2004

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the band which all pop-indie and grunge bands owe their existence to.
From Nirvana to Franz Ferdinand, they all owe it to the Pixies.
by jennifer October 20, 2004

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An awesome sport consisting of three weapons, Sabre, Epee, and Foil. The sport requires physical strength as well as mental strength.
Hey! We just won our Fencing meet!
by Jennifer February 27, 2004

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