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The obama of his generation.
Obama is a carbon copy of Jimmy Carter.
by wjc April 11, 2008

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This generations version of the cartertard, or the perotard. Some one who believes that feeling good about yourself is the same as accomplishing something important. Obamatards are bound to be let down when their hero can't deliver on their fantasies.
In the future even obamatards will have "Don't blame me I voted for Hilary bumper stickers
by wjc July 10, 2008

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What will happen when obama's supporters discover he can't deliver what they expected. The rest of the world doen't give a rats ass about obama and isn't going to do his biding. He won't be able to bullshit down the price of gas, or bullshit up the value of the dollar, or the terrorist into changing their ways. They will kick his ass and send him home crying to his white grandma.
The obama letdown will be accompanied by wails despair.
by wjc April 10, 2008

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A scam used by the wealthy to rip off the working class.
The market dropped so much that all last years contributions to my 401k have been wiped out. I'll bet the clowns that managed it made sure their big money clients didn't lose anything.
by wjc July 11, 2008

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What you want when you write a definition to piss people off.
I got 1,334,875 thumbs down for my definition of obama. ALRIGHT!!!
by wjc April 10, 2008

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A nigga that becomes the bigg thang that white folks can't get enough of, then they get tired of him and he fades away. Tyson was a bigg thang and faded, Woods was a bigg thang and is fading, Obama is the bigg thang and he will fade too . White folks is very fickle and rush from the latest wonder nigga to the next bigg thang. It's hard for a wonder nigga to stay on top.
A wonder nigga is a nigger you look at, and wonder what all the fuss is about.
by wjc April 12, 2008

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Some one who is so taken in by obama they have lost the ability to think. A person who is showing the first signs of brain washing.
The obamoron swears obaman will eliminate the trade deficit.
by wjc May 28, 2008

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