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A disaster. Obama cares only about his place among his rich masters and fuck everyone else . Obama has used the power of his office to bail out, protect , and enrich the top !0%, out of the shrinking wealth of the bottom 90% of the population. He is creating a debt burden that will eventually make the dollar toilet paper and life for the bottom 90 % a nightmare , while the top 10% prosper..Everything Obama does is for his rich masters , no matter who he claims he is helping. Look close enough and there is something in it for the rich at a cost to the bottom 90% he claims he cares about. Obama gives out chump change while the rich get the real money, and the not rich are stuck with the debt. He has proven to be a disaster for the people who had high hopes we were done with the Bush years.
Some one who calls you a racist for saying that Obama is fucking over the middle and lower classes is either blind, stupid, or can't face the fact that their man has conned them big time.
by wjc April 3, 2011
The nigga Bill Clinton wanted to be. A Jimmy Carter who came out of nowhere has no experience, and no real idea what he is getting into. When Carter turned out to be a clown cartoonists drew his lips bigger and bigger, when Obama turns out to be a clown the liberals will give him a pass because giving him carter lips would be racist. Bill Clinton had to work hard at being a nigga, Obama gets a free ride.
What do Obama and Bill Clinton have in common? They're two niggas who fucked over Hilary.
by wjc May 18, 2008
The conman Jessy Jackson wanted to be. The first black who was able to con enough whites into believing that voting for him will somehow make everything right. Obama will do for the country what black mayors have done for their cities. If obama is elected there will be no incompetence, no corruption and, we will enter into a golden age just like East St Louis, and New Orleans. If obama is not nominated it will tear the Dem's apart, because blacks and liberals will stay home to punish Cilton, and the bushies will win.
Whats the main difference between Obama and Carter? Obama hasn't had to deliver yet.
by wjc April 9, 2008
A white who told the niggers fucking with him that they were niggers.
It's okay for niggers to fuck with whites. But if the white tells them they're niggers he's a racist or a KKKramer.
by wjc July 11, 2008
Don't ask that obama mama who her kids daddies are, because she doesn't know.
by wjc April 9, 2008
Some one who spends most of their free time on Craigslist. Causing them to lose contact with family friends, and reality.
What a craigsor you wasted all weekend chasing after crap you don't need on craigslist.
by wjc February 18, 2012
From "We is bigger than me." a phrase used by management to shake down the workers for charity. Both sentences carry the same threat " pay up or face retaleation." You would think that well off management putting the arm on workers who aren't making it as things are now would be wrong, but as it is for a good cause it is ok.
The clowns up stairs lost over a million bucks last year, I don't think the money they squeezed out of us with their "We is bigger than you " drive covered it.
by wjc December 21, 2009