28 definitions by wjc

What you want when you write a definition to piss people off.
I got 1,334,875 thumbs down for my definition of obama. ALRIGHT!!!
by wjc April 10, 2008
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An fairytale world where the hero performs magic with everyday junk. Those of us who actually work in the real world and know what really happens when you try his tricks either laugh our asses off or shake our heads.
Did you see MacGyver wrap gum foil around that 100 amp 440 volt fuse to use the elevator, I'll bet it made quite a flash when it vaporized.
by wjc December 26, 2009
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A nigga that becomes the bigg thang that white folks can't get enough of, then they get tired of him and he fades away. Tyson was a bigg thang and faded, Woods was a bigg thang and is fading, Obama is the bigg thang and he will fade too . White folks is very fickle and rush from the latest wonder nigga to the next bigg thang. It's hard for a wonder nigga to stay on top.
A wonder nigga is a nigger you look at, and wonder what all the fuss is about.
by wjc April 12, 2008
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From "We is bigger than me." a phrase used by management to shake down the workers for charity. Both sentences carry the same threat " pay up or face retaleation." You would think that well off management putting the arm on workers who aren't making it as things are now would be wrong, but as it is for a good cause it is ok.
The clowns up stairs lost over a million bucks last year, I don't think the money they squeezed out of us with their "We is bigger than you " drive covered it.
by wjc December 21, 2009
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Some one who spends most of their free time on Craigslist. Causing them to lose contact with family friends, and reality.
What a craigsor you wasted all weekend chasing after crap you don't need on craigslist.
by wjc February 18, 2012
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When you delete a craigslist listing because the bullshit from induhviduals make selling something more trouble than it's worth.
Some clown wants a ninety day warranty on a $10 p3. I put the compter in the trash , and duhleted the listing , for $10 it isn't worth it. You want the $10 computer provided I drive 90 miles to deliver it? Sorry I just duhleted the listing.
by wjc September 12, 2010
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When a group of retards suddenly appear, do stupid and retarded stuff, and disappear.
The cops saw the video some flash tards posted on you tube, and most of them have been busted for vandalism.
by wjc December 29, 2011
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