1. A condition which afflicts some Urban Dictionary entries; an 'up' option may appear, but there may not be anywhere to click to show one's detest of the entry. Usually a problem with one's browser or internet settings

2. Something so goddamned awesome that it can't receive a thumbs down rating. Not even thumbs down trolls can touch it.

3. See 2., except it's not really awesome, someone has just been flooding the thumbs up section to hyper-inflate the quality of the item, or the webpage is so subjective to a certain class of viewers that it has no on-site relativity
1. "This definition is shit, where the hell is the thumbs down click?!?!? Internet Explorer can suck a fuck!!!!!"

2. "Bill Brasky, 5 thumbs down??! No fucking way! NO thumbs down!!"

3. "This is strange, 10,000 thumbs up for this Jesus shit, and no thumbs down. Oh, this is Christian mingle."
by MagicalWhiffle July 09, 2011
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When talking about the Urban Dictionary ratings system, the opposite of the thumbs up. Where a thumbs up denotes a good definition and thumbs down denotes a bad one. There aren't many definitions out there whcih don't have at least one thumbs down. Whether or not people actually like a definition, they will give it a thumbs down, because they hate everybody, the world is unfair to them and they like to cut themselves.
Only assholes give definitions the thumbs down, unless it really sucks.
by Grammar_Nazi January 27, 2008
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An option on this site that should be available for the pictures too.
Check own the pictures under emo and shocker to see what I mean.
by 29A April 28, 2005
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1) what you give when someone says or does something you don't like
2) what annoying people give to your comments to make their comments stand out
p.s. look at the example
hey! check out the word"thumbs up whore"
the definition has no thumbs down! im serious!
by alpha 1661 August 22, 2010
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The voting option on urbandictionary.com that people click without really thinking.
Ok, I have to say I have read so many hilarious things on this site, that even if they are politically incorrect, they are too damn funny to be given a thumbs down.
People with a sense of humour do not use this option as often as the more stuck up individuals.

Damn this site gives me jokes!
by just some chick June 08, 2005
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A rating that asses give other peoples definitions for no fucking reason!
Definer: A lamp is an object that can light the dark.

Reader:*Gives thumbs down just cause hes a fucking ass*
by Big LJ September 01, 2006
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