To be nuetral is to be a way as if neither for her or against her. To be nuetral, not to be like others, be a nuetral party.
Ex: I was nuetral compared to her. I was a nuetral idiot one day, I didn't want to be with or with not that person.
by Bryce R. April 28, 2008
Ajit Pai's idea to completely ruin the internet.
It will be $5 to read the full version of this definition. Call your internet service provider to access the full definition. You will most likely have an indian pick up your phone. He is Ajit Pai's brother. Good luck in trying to get full access to this definition!
Ajit Pie: Net nuetrality is spelled this way because I feel like making it spelled this way.
by SliceofJesus December 15, 2017
*Can be used to counter 'Sad Story'*

When a friend tells you something of little relevance to your life/day but it very much affects their life/day so, in an attempt to be a good friend (meh) you acknowledge their plight but put it our of your mind immediately with a verbal recognition that yes, you heard them (and you really don't care). And you like Halo.
Friend #1: ...And so my cat killed my sisters teddy bear hamster and I woke up spooning it's dead corpse!!! :( :(

Friend #2: .....NUETRAL STORY, ODST.

Friend #1: *cries*
by Stiffeh March 10, 2010