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Pretty cool sport popular in Canada, Russia, and the US. The Major league is the NHL, which has such upcomming young stars like Alexander Ovechkin and veterens like Jaromir Jagr

Seriesly though, Shut the fuck with argueing over what sport is superior then any other. Just because baseball is boring for you dosn't mean you can post up your OPINIONS on an Urban DICTIONARY on how much you hate it. Hockeys great, baseballs great, basketball's great, footballs great, just stop bickering.
Canadian: Baseball is so boring, there all fat n basketball so is a pussy sport n Hockey is so cool n it's dominated by canadians cuz the US is so bad n....

American: Hey, you know what's pathetic?

Canadian: What?

American: You
by Geeter August 17, 2006

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No matter how funny, clear, or nuetral a definition is, for some reason, it will always get atleast one thumbs down.
Computer Nerd: This definition is so funny and nuetral! I better give it a thumbs down
by Geeter August 16, 2006

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A College League where they make young athletes play for no money. The NCAA makes more money from ticket sales then the NFL, yet the NCAA is so selfish they keep the money for themselfs. Basicly what you have in the NCAA is a bunch of athletes risking their bodys for the sake of the game, and the higher-ups making billions of dollors dosn't give them a cent. So why would athletes even go through this? Because of a "college education". The NCAA says that they don't have to pay the athletes, as long as they get an education, but it DOSN'T justify it. I'd hate to be sitting in a classroom when I could be making 2 mil a year. However, it's almost required for you to go through that to get to the pros.

Whoever says that NCAA players play for the "game" or that they play with "passion" is completely wrong. NCAA players play to get to the NFL, and their to pissed about the fact they have to go through such a horrible system such as the NCAA, that they can't play wiht "passion". The NCAA is nothing but a farm-system to find the next best NFL, MLB, NBA player. It's like watching Minor League baseball game and saying "This is so much better than the MLB!" Minor League Baseball and the NCAA are just the same only
1: Minor Leaguers are paid
2: Minor Leaguers eventually do get to the MLB but the NCAA players usually don't get to the NFL. Therfour, Minor Leaguers are better at their sport than NCAA players
3: Minor Leaguers are usually around 25, therfour, they would be better at sports than a 21 year old
The NCAA is a dispicable money machine which is nothing more but a farm system for the next best Major League player
by Geeter August 23, 2006

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Has the most dumbass fans who have the most twisted logic on this earth. Although not all their fans are like this, the one's I know do
Sacramento Kings fans: The Lakers suck! I mean, they DO have 14 championships and they DO have the greatest all-time win PTC. and they DO have a better record againts the Kings, BUT The Kings have NO championships, a LOSING all-time win ptc. and have a WORSE record againts the Lakers!

Lakers fan: Riiiight....
by Geeter August 19, 2006

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A known fact about American Football is that it is Better than Soccer, Because in every country that has there own football code, football is considered better than soccer. Canada, Austraila, and America, all have both popular football and soccer leagues, but all of these countrys don't like soccer as much as there football codes. Therfour, it is a fact that if football was popular in the UK or in Asia as in the US, Canada, or Austraila, Football would be considered better than soccer.

Football > Soccer
Soccer: No Strategy other than setting formations and substitutions

American Football: Tons of Strategy. Players must memorize hunderedes of plays and formations, and must know how to execute them.

Soccer: Players must know how to run all over a field for 90 minutes long

American Football: Players must know how to run all over a field 4 hours long.

Soccer: Player must know how to kick a ball

American Football: Players must know how to Catch, Kick, Throw, Tackle, Cover, guard, and blitz

Soccer: Player must have strong legs

American Football: Player must have strong legs AND strong arms.

Soccer: Players must not be aggressive for fear of getting a "warning" (Yellow Card)

American Football: Players must be aggressive

Soccer: Players fake injuries

American Football: Players don't fake injuries

Soccer: Soccer teams are known as "clubs"

American Football: Football teams are known as "TEAMS"

Soccer: Boring. 90 minutes of passing the ball over and over and over again until a goal is scored.

American Football: Not boring. 4 hours of Hard hitting, amazing catches, long pass plays, exciting runs, and a whole lot of defence.
by Geeter August 15, 2006

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The Greatest Game on Earth. The only sport to incorporate strategy, strength, speed, and stanima all in one game.
Soccer requires you to have speed and stanima, but you don't have to be strong or smart to play it

Basketball requires you to have speed, stanima, and strategy, but you don't have to be very strong to play it

Baseball requires you to have strength and speed but there isn't much strategy or stanima required

American Football requires you to have all of these traits so it is the greatest sport on earth IMO
by Geeter August 27, 2006

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For anyone that calls AMERICAN Football "Gay" or "Slow" just look at this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ta3Gi_AFTQg Football is a game of strategy, strength, and speed. Soccer is a game of who can run all over a field without passing out.
Football is the best game in the world
by Geeter August 23, 2006

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