Also known as thrash metal. Stylistically expanding from speed metal, thrash was harsher, heavier and in some cases even faster than its predecessor. The lyrics, as before, were associated with the more negative aspects as life, as well as the darker. A good amount of thrash also dealt with political or social subjects not dissimilar to punk. Vocals were less sung and more shouted, and drums were often rapid fire. Solos, as you might imagine, were at times prominent throughout nearly an entire song. It was at this point in metal that music would only become heavier and more aggressive. Thrash was menacing, crushing and often disliked by the mainstream community for its heaviness. The music form would die down in the 1990's, and be replaced by the likes of black and death metal. Thrash was most likely named as such because many fans of the music often thrash (or "mosh") one another around at concerts. Common examples of thrash include Bathory, Dark Angel, D.R.I., Exodus, Kreator, Metal Church, Slayer, Testament, Venom, Violence, and countless others.
Britain's Sabbat is one of the most underrated thrash bands from the late 1980's.
by Goatlord April 30, 2003
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The outright wilin' out of a single person or group of people. Can be used as verb, adjective, noun, etc. Basically can replace any word in a sentence.
"2 Bottles of MD 20/20, thrash it up with Weston."


"Talk trash, get thrashed."
by DjThrasher May 05, 2009
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The most ass kicking form of music on this planet.
(Literally too,you're bound to end up with a big headache after all that headbanging)
Iced Earth,early Metallica,early Megadeth,Slayer,Kreator.
by Uberdeth November 20, 2003
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A word created by the undercooked dough Hulk. That can range anywhere from being used explicitly or just trash with an h.
Him: Our band sounds so bad

Me: Ha nope we sound like (Thrash)
by Weapon of Mass Percussion21 September 27, 2019
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"I fully thrashed him. He spent a week in hospital."
"Middlesbrough thrashed Manchester by 3 goals."
by Diego September 09, 2003
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v The act of skateboarding aggressively; Skateboarding in a manner of dopeness
Josh Kalis will thrash everytime he hits a ledge.
by Nate Murphy September 13, 2003
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A yahoo chatroom category that should not share rooms with punk and ska. In fact, none of those should mix in public. It's like dropping different kinds of large predatory cats in the same pit.
Go there and see for yourself. they just slag each other all day long.
by John November 25, 2003
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