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1. To thrash a person or thing is to harm them severely
2. To thrash a car is to drive it harshly & disrespectfuly
3. To thrash an opponent in a competition is to win by a large margin
4. To thrash a woman is to penetrate her forcefully, with your penis or otherwise
5. A genre of short fast and loud music
1. Do that again and I'll give ya a thrashing!
2. I thrashed my parents' car when they were on holiday.
3. We'll thrash ya in tonight's game!
4. See that blondie over there? Thrashed her last night ay.
5. Oi, i feel like headbanging, put that Slayer album on.
by Brammo November 25, 2005

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The way men see it, the greatest item of clothing for girls ever.
I looked up that chick's mini skirt
by Brammo November 09, 2005

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(Australia) To drive your souped-up car repetitvely around a beachfront, carpark, popular nightspot, inner-city streets or other active places in hope that pedestrians will pay attention to you. Popular activity with bogans, bikies and certain ethnics.
Bog laps are commonly a main source of noise pollution, from either the car's exhaust or stereo or both.
Let's go do some bog laps down Scarborough mate
by Brammo November 09, 2005

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Short for "crossed-legs", a technique used by bodyboarders to enhance the stylefactor of foward or reverse spin moves. When the bodyboarder raises his/her legs up in the air while doing a spin, as you do, they cross their legs over one another before releasing them into spregs at the end of the spin.

Origins of the term are unkown, but it is likely that it was created in Western Australia as it is widely used here, and all the maddest bodyboaders come out of WA yeew!
Yeeew how's his kregs!

I wish my kregs were like Ryan Hardy's

Keep kreggin' mate
by Brammo September 21, 2005

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An object or person who is completely and utterly worthless
- My bloody computer crashed again last night and I couldn't send those important emails

- Yeah, sounds like that thing is about as much use as a surfboard with handlebars
by Brammo September 24, 2006

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Someone who is lower than your average lowlife
- See that guy on the 7:30 Report dumping his waste in the bush?

- Yeah, nothing but human pig shit
by Brammo September 13, 2006

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Short for "spread legs". Primarily defines the action of a bodyboarder spreading his/her legs during a foward or reverse spin move. Spregs usually occur after kregs.
My kregs-to-spregs are sick ay.
by Brammo September 21, 2005

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