The best fucking example of fucking German fucking thrash 'till fucking death. They had different periods, but none of them was bad. And the fuck, if you're new to Kreator, here's a few songs you MUST listen to: Flag of Hate, Extreme Aggression, Renewal, Violent Revolution, Enemy of God.
And god, get lost with this death metal thing.
"Dude, I went to Kreator yesterday and it was fucking awesome."
"You went to the mosh?"
"Fuck yeah, Extreme Aggression murdered everything."
by Rupture February 19, 2009
An amazing German thrash metal band from..well germany and they have many great albums my faovurites are Violent revolution and coma of souls .

P.S. they are not death noob why do u think they are death?
other thrash bands include sodom Slayer metallica Megadeth panteraanthrax exodus and testament to name a few
by Naryan Bekiarudis June 26, 2005
despite unpopular belief, this band is far from Death metal. The band Kreator are an excellent example of German Thrash at it's best. Endless Pain all the way through to Enemy Of God, they've been kicking ass for over 20 years.
Kreator have been one of the best bands far longer than you were even a stain in your mom's shit.
by Chris January 11, 2005
A gamer who creates items in-game. This may include characters, landscapes, buildings, furniture, etc.
Did you see JRsV's shep? He's a bad-ass kreator.
by 16bitvixen July 16, 2014
Killer Death Metal band consisting of 4 morbid members who hate the mainstream.
Dude1: Kreator kicked ass last night!
Dude2: Hell yeah!
by Wounded December 27, 2005