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A teenage girl is a girl that is 13-19 years old. That's it. Nothing more.

Sadly, teenage girls have unfortunately received an unfair bad name. Even though there are definitely some unlikeable, obnoxious ones out there, there are far more who are very intelligent, kind, and respectful. So to any teenage girls reading this right now, don't let anybody judge you just for your age.
Not all teenage girls are slutty, boy-obsessed, fashion-obsessed, and annoying. Some of them can be as smart and mature as adults.
by Thats16myboi June 20, 2020
Definitions you shouldn't read if you're a teenage girl
Urban dictionary user: teenage girls are worse then the Holocaust
The teenage girl that searched "teenage girl" on Urban dictionary: i regret this
by Gotta let go October 10, 2020
One word


Most of us are bullied or have family problems so we want to die.. Just my pov
by An account May 21, 2020
they like to talk an astronomical amount of shit towards every single passerby that walks past their pampered asshole that is practically prolapsing from last nights preteen pounding from their boyfriends and all of their boyfriends have the same cancer hat crew cut following all of them as they travel in herds and have zero independent thought processes which is completely brainwashed by pop culture.
teenage girl 1 shouts freak at a random passerby teenage girl 1 then walks away really fast thinking her 5 mile per hour trot will get her outta danger

random passer by charges at her knocks her unconscious and proceeds to violently beat the unconscious shit outta the teenage girl and teach her what her parents should have taught her not to mess with a 240 pound strong man who is having a bad day
by superiorbreed September 22, 2018
"A teenage girl is a girl who's been through a lot breakup, rape, suicidal thoughts, loss etc. They have a huge heart but most try to hide it away so it doesn't get broken.. It never works my friend is a teenage girl and she struggles with suicidal thoughts, self harm and self hate. Yes we can be bitches. But it's to protect ourselves. ❤ stay strong. " -savannah 2020 ❤ btw yes. We are misunderstood. Too all of u not just teenage girls.. Stay strong and keep fighting love you all
everyone: Teenage girls are sluts
The girl crying in her room: I just wanna die! I want the pain to end!
by Toasterankles February 1, 2020
A species that will rip you apart and heal you back together
Guy 1: who’s that
Guy 2: that a teenage girl
by Cat dog 2005 December 20, 2019
A teenage girl basically takes a big shit go on there phone goes to the beach to much take a sun tan always be mean to you and also looks like a big fat troll who looks at you weird
Hey honey there’s that teenage girl that is taking a big shit with her friends
by Realmarkedward July 18, 2021