short form of kleptomaniac. Someone who obsessively steals small objects for the heck of it.
You fucking klepto give back my stapler.
by Gunkglumb June 2, 2005
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Slang - Short for kleptomaniac

The uncontrollable inhibition to take material possessions from another person.

Also see Thief.
Person 1: Hey, can I barrow your mp3 player?

Person 2: Nope, I left in my dorm room and some stupid klepto came by and ripped me off.

Person 2: That smells out loud man!

Person 1: Tell me about it!

Person 2: I think I just did.
by macgordon July 31, 2004
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short for Kleptomaniac, someone who pathologically steals things.
That klepto just took my phone!
by Celebgil Silverstar July 31, 2004
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A person who has a compulsion to steal; a kleptomaniac.

Adding to ones inventory what is not there's.
Jen likes to steal all of our supplies from the dispensary.
Everyone is missing combs, clips, brushes, and manicure bowls because she like to add them to her collection.
She is such a klepto
by QueenOfHearts19 March 19, 2013
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someone who is addicted to stealing. Short for kleptomaniac
"liz is such a klepto!"
by rach January 29, 2005
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a person who is prone to steal things...
Warren being a klepto stole rap, metal, rap, metal, and Whitney Houston.
by CustomMadeLT July 31, 2004
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Short for 'kleptomaniac', 'klepto' is a person obsessed with stealing.
"You don't wanna trust Rob with your keys, man, he's a klepto!"

"She's completely klepto."
by Raventooth July 31, 2004
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