Any type of law enforcement, ie:police, sheriff,ATF,
A bruh be careful, them folks checking license and registration up the road.
by Ldogg6700 March 15, 2014
a song off of pink floyd's 1973 album dark side of the moon.probably the most mellow song on the whole album.has an amazing structure and a beautiful/romantic/sexy sound to it.perfect for just plain old relaxation,smoking a joint to or doing acid to,and even would make a perfect song for sex with your girl mainly cause of it's romantic atmosphere with it's sax and piano personal favorite pink floyd song,and probably one of the best out there.
us and them:

us...........and them......

and after all.......we're only ordinary men
by thunderbird07 October 10, 2008
Them bears are a conversation starter for people who don't know what to say. It can buy you the time to come up with a better topic, or to think of an excuse for small-talk, but the actual conversation may not include them bears. The dialogue is started by someone proposing the question, "How 'bout them bears?" the proper response is, and must be dictated word-for-word, "I don't know; how 'bout them bears?" There is a stress on the word "'bout" in this sentence, wherein the voice travels to a higher register. I don't know; how 'BOUT them bears?
Interrogator-How 'bout them bears?
I don't know; how 'bout them bears?
by Dremora Valkynaz July 22, 2014
When you have a bland conclusion, this is what you replace it with.
Ending your essay with "in conclusion" is
- bland
- overused
- predictable

Ending your essay with "and them's the facts" is
- compelling
- unexpected
- confirms that those are indeed the facts
by Claudette with Self Care March 4, 2022
Similar in use to "Screw You", only in the plural form.
Jack: John wants to know if he and Jane can come to our barbecue.
Jill: Screw them! They haven't done a single thing for us the entire time we've lived next door to them!
by Booyahhayoob June 23, 2014
When you have crumbs all over your mouth, facial hair, shirt, snuggie, or other body area and/or clothing.
*crunch crunch crunch* ... them crumblies
by Nerdy Dave November 9, 2010