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The janitor.
I'm Scruffy, the janitor
by Dremora Valkynaz June 28, 2014

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Them bears are a conversation starter for people who don't know what to say. It can buy you the time to come up with a better topic, or to think of an excuse for small-talk, but the actual conversation may not include them bears. The dialogue is started by someone proposing the question, "How 'bout them bears?" the proper response is, and must be dictated word-for-word, "I don't know; how 'bout them bears?" There is a stress on the word "'bout" in this sentence, wherein the voice travels to a higher register. I don't know; how 'BOUT them bears?
Interrogator-How 'bout them bears?
I don't know; how 'bout them bears?
by Dremora Valkynaz July 22, 2014

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An allergic reaction that arises upon contact with logic of any kind. This illness is congenital and sometimes passes directly from mother or father to the offspring. To date, it is incurable.

Some well-known sufferers of this illness include Donald Trump, Justin Bieber, the entire Republican Party, and the majority of YouTube commenters.
I tried to explain the concept of evolution to my next door neighbor and he replied with an irrelevant Bible quote. I think he may suffer from a form of pensive urticaria.
by Dremora Valkynaz February 23, 2016

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The random childish fuckwads that Urban Dictionary allows to keep rejecting perfectly good definitions for no reason whatsoever.
Person One: Goddamn it! What fucking assholes!
Person Two: What's wrong, dude?
Person One: Nothing; just those motherfucking assholes again.
Person Two: The Urban Dictionary editors?
Person One: Yeah. Urban Dictionary shouldn't just allow any old random assholes reject definitions because they have nothing better to do.
by Dremora Valkynaz April 02, 2015

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Shō Ga Nai (Show ga neye) are the Japanese words for "Can't be helped." In other countries, esp. the U.S, people tend to get selfish and put themselves before others. In Japanese culture, they don't feel sorry for themselves as much. I'm not saying they're emotionless robots, or that they wouldn't cry at the death of a loved one, but really, they tend to be respectful and not get angry or sad as much. When something bad happens to them, they mostly just say, "Sho ga nai." and get on with their lives rather than throw a fit about it like a two-year-old. Anyway, it's like they're saying, "Sucks for me, but I can't alter this situation, so I'll just take it or leave it."

I learned this on YouTube, and it inspired me... Well, bye. Or, as they say in Japan, "konichiwa."
How am I to give an example? I'm a fourteen-year-old who barely knows "hello" and "goodbye" in Japanese. I ain't givin' ya no dialogue, b*tch! For some (Hoover) Dam reason, I have to include Shō ga nai in this, so there you go, Erbin Dikshinarie.
by Dremora Valkynaz January 17, 2013

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