they/them pronouns fucking exist please stop fucking using

her/him (insert rest of the sentence here)
she/he (insert rest of the sentence here)
if you don't know their damn gender just use they/them
P.S. if youre are one of those people who only use they/them pronouns when you don't know their gender, but when you fucking meet them and see how they present themselves you automatically assume their gender right then and there,

by this isthename April 11, 2021
Not Female (she/her), not Male (he/him). But a person that goes by they/them, only one person. 100% accepted, 100% love, 100% they/them❤️
They go by They/Them now, I am They/Them, You go by They/Them now? Okay, I’ll remember that.
by BrokenRose January 24, 2022
A Polite term for humongous boobs. Can be used anyway the user wishes.
Dude she has them!
dude them is wearing something hot today.
by FalconPunchinator May 26, 2009
Someone who isn't a 'he' 'she' or 'it'
I'm a they them
by Bebe657 February 25, 2017
a set of gender neutral pronouns that are used as an alternative to he/him and she/her, most commonly used by non-binary people.
A: where is C? i thought he was supposed to be here.
B: don't you mean *they* were supposed to be here? they use they/them pronouns, remember.
A: right, thanks for reminding me!
by remy kinnie June 25, 2021
Someone you just can't stop thinking about, that happens to use they/them
Person 1: What's on your mind
Person 2: Them..
Person 1: mhmmm
by dumpsterf!re April 9, 2022