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at maximum potential; ultimate force; maxed out; like no other; road rough and put away wet, etc...
Charles McGee: so did that blonde from the bar last night let you beat? or what?
Hoss Yenda: oh no doubt, bro. I fucked the dog shit outta her!
Shits McGee: That's what's up.

GYSGT Highintight: Hey there war fighter!
SGT Moto: Yes, Gunny?
GYSGT Highintight: You break in that new shit bag PFC from 3rd platoon yet?
SGT Moto: The O' course to Camp Wilson and back, boots n Utes. Plus field day is tonight, that mother fucker is gonna clean the dog shit outta the common areas and the company office. And he's barrowing the A-duties gear for tomorrows hump.

GYSGT Highintight: Good to go, warrior. Smoke the dog shit outta that bag of ass.
by that lethal shit: July 04, 2014
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