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no 'call waiting!!'

in ancient times when one were 'desperate' to get hold of someone, there existed a torture some indicator someone was using the phone, (or had it off the 'hook' to 'duck' your ass!!) called a 'BUSY SIGNAL' (or 'reorder tone")

this busy signal still exists to this day! among all the modern technology that does everything but 'take you off'. it could truly be maddening if one were 'desperate' to get through to someone. ('hungry' teens, emergencies, etc!)

seems pretty antique to me, why not disco music or something? -at least the ABILITY to 'dump' the blatting!!
i guess call waiting is where we're 'railroaded' to now!!
did you get through to wendy yet? fuck no, all i got was the blatting, and her mobile is off!!...-shit, man-fuucck!

needed to 'get off', tried to call my 'infant', but all i got was the blatting!!!
by michael foolsley May 07, 2011
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