the preempt or response to 'holler' from your homie.
greeting: "Holler!"
response: "Yellin!"
by wormz November 29, 2007
Usually in an apartment, the counter top for the kitchen that acts as a separation barrier for the living room and kitchen and can be yelled over.
Jim slapped both his hands on the yellin counter and said, “HEY, STOP FUCKIN AROUND IN THERE IM TRYIN TO MAKE TWICE BAKED TATERS IN HERE”
by D8ve November 10, 2019
A very vocal lover shouting screams , moans, and exclamations of joy in the throngs of passion that are not only heard by the lusty lovers but also by the unfortunate ( or fortunate) neighbors
I got no sleep last night since damn Yellin ellen was at it again.
by Dr Fred January 4, 2020
A sexual act where a man gives himself a titjob with a woman's melons while his butt is positioned either on or near her face. The "yelling" aspect is induced by the man farting or defecating on the woman's face which will likely lead to yelling unless she's into that sort of thing. In that case the Yellin' Melon cannot be properly achieved.
Ethel: "Oh my God Gertrude, why did you break up with Archibald?"

Gertrude: "He pulled a Yellin' Melon on me last night... after having eaten Indian food."
by Waaaat?! September 2, 2015
Originally created to describe a more practical version of an unpopular sexual manuever called the "New Jersey Hook". The Yellin Beef Claw has several improvements over its uncomfortable and impractical predecessor. It's application is described as follows: First, the thumb is lubricated and inserted full length into the woman's anal tract during "doggie-style" sex. The meat of the hand is then wrapped around the ass cheek and, once a firm grip has been established, the full strength of the upper extremity can be used to pull the woman's body back and forth on the man's penis. Two hands may be used as well for added effect (AKA The Double YBC or The Shotgun Formation).
I gave her the Yellin Beef Claw last night and she loved it!!
by Peter DiGiovanni July 27, 2004