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A Russian word that can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective. Its primary meaning is a whore. However, it can also be an expression of frustration or used for fun after a sentence.
Dude, this chick Yana is one good blat or Blat, I lost my wallet or You know what I'm sayin', blat.
by Slava M April 18, 2007
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Verb, to make shortish (by whatever subjective definition the speaker has!) and probably hurried journey or journeys
Noun; such a journey
I'm just going to do a quick blat to the supermarket to pick up some rice; I'm just going to blat over to the supermarket to get some rice
by pedanta2 February 11, 2011
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BLAT - the sound made when firing a gun... not a real gun though, like when you shape you hand like a gun and imitate shooting, you say: "BLAT BLAT"
Yo! (hand imitating a gun) I just killed your mom! Blat Blat!
by Arseface January 30, 2005
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most commonly heard by mimicking a machine gun yelling "BLLLAATT" and it actually stands for "Blood Land And Territory"

used to scare or show dominance

used by Bloods
guys drivin by yellin "BLAT BLLLAATTT" out the window
by Rita November 01, 2006
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Blat- A term used by gang members that are affiliated with the bloods (pyru) gang. Meaning "Blood Land And Territory" or BLAT for short, it is a way for gang members to identify their turf to rival gang members, often mimicking the sound of a machine gun, "Blat Blat!!".

If a blood see's a crip on his block he may say, "Blat blat mutha fuckin crab, Recognize."
by TylerLu December 03, 2007
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