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A name given to a very gorgeous sweet girl. She's a very kind and a very beautiful girl. She's not like anyone else you will ever meet. She always puts other's needs ahead of hers and has the power to insistently make everything better. She is always positive and can put a smile on anybody's face. For a Yana the sky is not the limit, there is no limit at all for a Yana. She likes to make dreams and push herself until she makes those dreams a reality. A Yana is the type of girl that you can look at for the first time and know that she is probably "The One." She is an amazing cook, and is great around children. She would make a great mom and wife one day. If you have ever met a Yana in your life make sure you never let her go, because a girl like her only comes around once in a lifetime.
Person 1: Bro your gf bakes the best food. She's so nice and happy all the time, how did you get so lucky?!

Person 2: I know man, she's a Yana.
by Wronghander234 January 07, 2012
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Her body is flawless, she may be thicc but she’s just strong! She is such an amazing girl! Yeh if you be an asshole to her she will be it back! Yana always put others in front of her... ( some people ) Yana is such a loyal person, once she dates someone she can’t let them go! She is always trustworthy but can’t tell the truth if she doesn’t want her friends to get hurt! Yana has an amazing imagination! So boys don’t let her go once you get her! Always listen to her! She always is good a gaming and art (not drawing😂)
by Tyler, Jessica, Maddison, bill October 11, 2018
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She is a Star shinning like a Diamond in the sky, the most beautiful flower that stands out from the crowd, an amazingly gorgeous girl and a super intellectual personality. She's always in the right side of every opinion. She will love the man of her dreams so much, She deserves to be loved back so much more.
Yana is working for her dreams come true.
Jana ask James if everythings gonna be alright?
James answered , It will gonna be alright don't you worry my Queen..
by T-Rexjjz February 14, 2019
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A very sexy ass women , with a pretty ass face and is very talented ! They know how to twerk then any of you ugly ass females and others . They love food and they are very loyal to who they’re with . They can be very sweet until you piss them off . Yana’s mood can be change in the blink of an eye. Always have your facts straight before you question Yana . Yana is very romantic . They can always bounce back . Yana’s can read mind so whatch what you say
Yana is can be the number one stripper

Omg ! Yana is so hot
by Hecravesyana May 31, 2018
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A beautiful name ment for something beautiful, usually a girl with a big booty and a nice figure, as well as a beautiful face. the name is also used to describe a stong desire
That girl Yana is gorgoues, i want to go out with her
by Noi June 05, 2006
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A Yana is probably one of the most beautiful girls you would ever see. She would normally appear with beautiful long blonde hair and outstanding big blue eyes. Every boy would be chasing after her because of her beauty, but not only is she gorgeous, shes also very smart. She can take any joke that would seem rude and make it humorous. She's that kind of person you would want. She has a unique name, but its also beautiful. She has an outstanding figure, shes tan, loves playing any kind of sport, shes fit and has good skin. She isn't shy, and loves to make friends, shes so passionate when it comes to the things that she loves and she will strive to do her best. But in serious matters, she would definitely be the best person to be with.
Person 1: Wow, she's amazing
Person 2: Whats her name?
Person 1:Oh, its Yana
Person 2: She's got such a pretty name and shes gorgeous.
Person 1: Yana is also very smart
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by amazingunicorns111 November 04, 2018
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She is a gorgeous girl with big boobs and a saggy bum. She is the most loving and generous person you will ever meet however before you learn to love her she can be a bit of a bitch. If you know a Yana (not the same as Jana etc) consider yourself super lucky . She has big beautiful brown eyes ans a sense of humor only some will understand. When you walk into a room full of people shes the first one you'll notice, either because she look absolutely stunning or because shes doing some weird shit. All Yanas are destined to end up with the guy of her dreams, they are most matched with guys whos names start with D. If you know a Yana stay her BFF for life cuz she is cool and weird.
Guy: Broooooo look at that girl
Friend: Who Yana??
Guy: Shes so fucking weird and funny but shes also penggg

Friend: Really, I thought she was a bit of a bitch
Guy: Nah mannn...
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by katie1997 September 20, 2018
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