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Sarah Urist Green, Wife of nerdfighter co-founder John Green. She is called the Yeti because "she is so hairy"-brotherhood 2.0 video August 30th.
She is also in the dedication of an Abundance of Katherines. (Maybe other books, I don't know) as well as the Acknowledgements. The Yeti is sometimes seen in glimpses in some Brotherhood 2.0 videos or the post-B20 videos. She is also heard in many videos.
"I'm John" says Hank
"I'm Hank," says John
"and I'm the Yeti" says the Yeti
by Corrin Lin August 12, 2008
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1. A sexual procedure similar to the screaming seagull. In order to perform "the yeti," one must be doing a girl in the snow, and subsequently take a handful of snow, put it on her ham wallet, and pack it in with one's pork steeple. The audible result sounds like the call of the yeti.

2. The snowy bigfoot guy.
I was doing this chick on the ski slopes at Vail and I decided to give her the yeti. She groaned, and sounded like a yeti, which attracted a REAL YETI. It was frigging huge, and had horns and shit, so I had to ski away with my junk out.
by Albert Brady April 20, 2009
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The act of ejaculating in your partners chest, then ripping off her pubic hairs and placing them where the baby yoghurt was splattered on, then make your partner scream and run around in circles shrieking like a Yeti.
''Man, i gave that prostitute the Yeti last night!''
by pinaz October 11, 2008
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