A huge poop that is actually painful upon exit, but is unexplainably invisible when you stand up. You know it's big and you know its there, but it remains out of sight and unproven by science.
I just dropped a Yeti Poo....It hurt but now it's gone!
by Schmakee January 18, 2011
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Sarah Urist Green, Wife of nerdfighter co-founder John Green. She is called the Yeti because "she is so hairy"-brotherhood 2.0 video August 30th.
She is also in the dedication of an Abundance of Katherines. (Maybe other books, I don't know) as well as the Acknowledgements. The Yeti is sometimes seen in glimpses in some Brotherhood 2.0 videos or the post-B20 videos. She is also heard in many videos.
"I'm John" says Hank
"I'm Hank," says John
"and I'm the Yeti" says the Yeti
by Corrin Lin August 12, 2008
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Also known as the Abominable Snowman or Bigfoot. Next to impossible to find because it is smart enough to hide from poachers and mad expeditioners who just want fame and fortune.
For centuries, scientists and explorers have been frustrated by their failed attempts to capture the Yeti.
by AYB April 1, 2003
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In fantasy football, the act of stealing a player from a dim witted opponent that fails to do the basic research needed to refuse the trade.
Wise Guys just got Yetied for his best running back because he was busy watching Avengers Endgame and now his season is basically over.
by RW19 September 28, 2019
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1) A mountain bike company started in 1985 and based out of Colorado. Known for their world class Downhill Racing bikes and the Teal and White team colors. Factory riders include Jared Graves, Damion Smith, and Chris Boice. www.yeticycles.com

2) The Himalayan version of big foot

3) A tall, big and hairy human (applies to both male and female)
1) Holy F**K!!!! Did you see that Yeti 303 just kill that downhill run?

2) A footprint from a Yeti was believed to have been found

3) "Was the yeti that walked in behind us a guy or a girl?"
"I couldn't tell, man"
by jeeves7000 September 21, 2008
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A skier who clearly has no idea what they are doing. Usually seen flying down a hill with their jacket wide open and flapping in the wind, hair down and flowing, goggles askew, pizza square stance, and arms wide open with poles anywhere but where they are supposed to be.
"That yeti is gonna crash into a deer or tree if he doesn't stop soon"
by -Big K November 4, 2005
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