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With all that goes with Nerdfighteria, by all accounts, this is the only acceptable definition:

Made of awesome

"where normal people are made of tissues and bones and organs and stuff, nerdfighters are made of awesome"--John Green on Brotherhood 2.0
by Noim May 05, 2009
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Youtube celebrities John and Hank Green who spent the year 2007 refusing to communicate through text. Everyday they communicated through vlogs on Youtube, alternating days. They amassed several thousand subscribers.

They extol the virtues of the nerd life, calling themselves and their fanbase nerdfighters and those who aren't nerds decepticons.

They acheived some fame when Hank's song "Accio Deathly Hallows" was featured and expressed the sentiments of nerdfighters everywhere.
Wow, did you check out the "in your pants" forum on brotherhood 2.0 yet today?
by Monc September 15, 2007
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Lame youtube channel by wannabe 35 year olds who appeal to young boys and girls who read garbage and think that they alone are awesome and come up with dumb terms like "made of awesome" and "llama the french" and talk about john greens hair (which he could brush or cut or WASH since he has money now, why look like a hobo?). They usually sing songs and make snide remarks about non-john green lovers and try to be nerdy by talking about nerdy subjects. John Green's books are not nerdy. They are lame.
nerdfighter: OMG did you watch that channel i told you about? brotherhood2.0?
Normal person: Yeah, and they are 10 minutes of my life I will never get back. Are you retarded? How can you like that shit?
*slaps nerdfighter in the back of the head* You're not even a nerd!!!
by bellatrixlestrangeblack April 26, 2013
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