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a guy who only last 1 to 2 minutes in bed, like the amount of time it takes to make Uncle Ben's Rice.
Hey girl, how was it? Girl, he pulled a "Uncle Ben".
by djdjdjdjdjd January 12, 2012
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A refrence to when a man has an orgasm with a girl in the same time that it takes to make "Uncle Ben's", minute Rice. Cumming in less than 60 seconds.
Steve: " I hear you fucked that girl last night."

Kevin: "Dude, I couldnt help it, it was 2 years since my last time, I "Uncle Ben's" almost as soon as I got it in."

Steve: "Sorry to hear that, did you take a Gatoraid break and try to fuck again."
by Cookieman00x December 23, 2011
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A derogation for older black males with gray hair and healthy smiles; usualy employees at Walgreens or Osco-Drug, especially at the photo-developement stand.
Aright fellas, I'ma be back in a minute, I gotts swoop my naughty pictures from Uncle Ben. I'll nab some brew too.
by Eapert McDangles June 10, 2006
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A traditionally older persons American car that "cooks rice" (ie, is faster than Asian imports).
The new Cadillacs are definitely Uncle Bens!
by Carman Guya January 13, 2007
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Pertaining to the car tuning hobby and the gaudy aftermarket car parts industry, the name "Uncle Ben" comes from a trademark brand of rice (Asian food staple) whose namesake has been misappropriated to describe ricers/riceboys.

A recurring joke held against the ricer community is that ricers don't buy their own cars or mods; everything is either a gift from parents or is just charged to daddy's credit card--hence the appeal of the "Uncle Ben" label.
"Hey check out Uncle Ben's Civic there. That thing's louder and more annoying than Gilbert Gottfried and it's got more stickers on it than a teenage girl's locker."
by Siegfried Zaga May 24, 2005
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the coolest guy ever, always there for you,provdes comfort and nourishment in times of need
uncle ben is at your beckon and call
by babe6-888888 June 22, 2005
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