A very attractive male usually of Italian origin. He is the perfect man and every girl he talks to wants him.
I wish he was a Franco
by Ofhsnkwisydnebidn December 28, 2017
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A hot, sexy, yummy, lucious, smart, espanyol.
He is the perfect boyfriend/husband/friend.
Edward Cullen bows down at his presence.
OMG! i think i met my franco already!!

Cuando voy a cumplir mi Franco!!..sigh
by anónimo1117 March 6, 2009
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"Where is the context?" Franco
by Acorn December 13, 2018
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Is a sexy beast he has girls always chasing after him . sometimes can’t keep them away because he is really attractive and has a great personality
I want Franco
by Hayahbauzhabahz October 23, 2018
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Typically of Italian descent, men named Franco are known to have large genitals and incredible loving making skills.
Why can't ____________ be Franco?

Names to insert: James, Michael, John, Greg, Timothy, William, Justin, Nathan, etc.
by Achilles12345 December 12, 2010
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Franco is the best bf,husband, friend you will ever meet, he's adorable, sexy,handsome and he's extra freaky. He's mostly looking for latinas because he's Latino .
Omg camila you found a franco
by Captainbigdick October 14, 2017
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Franco is the perfect guy, he's hot, got the sexiest ass, brown hair and eyes and trust me the perfect boyfriend. He loved people with glasses especially if your name starts with a D,C or O.
Trust me go out with Franco he might be annoying but trust me he has a good heart.
by frankiscool October 23, 2019
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