A nonsensical word used to describe a very enjoyable moment.
"That was the funnest time ever!" exclaimed Sarah.

"Funnest is not a word!" Kel, the English major, replied.
by pixiepunk October 22, 2009
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Adj. non-standard superlative form of "most fun". Meaning that a given something (noun) provides the most mirth or entertainment than any other something.
The funnest way to contract diseases usually involve three women, two men, a broken condom, a goat, and a cheese grater.
by moosecabob October 12, 2009
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Only retards say the word funnest
That was the funnest thing ever
by Chen Den January 6, 2021
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The most fun.( I had the funnest time last night at the movies).
That was the funnest music class I have ever had.
by krystal March 8, 2005
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Rather than using more fun/ most fun, funnest is a superlative for fun.
Last night was the funnest night of my life
by NotakidnamedTaylor October 4, 2021
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a word 2 show that it is the most fun
ex. going thru my camera roll at one am is the funnest
by iamsocoolbro1234567 May 20, 2022
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