The Troubles: A conflict that started in the 1969 when the British felt like doing some target practice in a more real scenario
We killed no innocent people during the troubles! -Brit
by Eskimo1313 August 26, 2015
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"I don't get myself anymore"
What troubles you?
What do you need and want?

I am feeling better. My eyes were so hurtful yesterday and I didn't know why. I had enough sleep and followed what you advised me to do.

The posibility was that I could sense how you felt and for a moment it came to me. Were you crying, at all, and that was why I eyes were so hurtful?

I am sincere. Could you ever feel my sincerity at all?
What troubled you..? Your thoughts are so conflicted that you couldn't understand yourself anymore? You needed to talk to me so that I could speak your mind and help you organize your thoughts for a better flow?
by The Gardener in Fairy Tales January 05, 2022
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The inordinately attractive woman with whom you have to work regularly causing you to become incapable of doing that for which you were hired. Will often become the source of rumors by bored, disgruntled, or dissatified coworkers who are generally unhappy with their own lives and wish it were they who were with "trouble."

The hot chick in the office.
Oh, god! I have to work with trouble today. I will accomoplish nothing and love it!
by beltway June 02, 2006
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A woman who often acts all innocent but is really quite a naughty girl. She likes to stir up all the guys around her then puts on her little halo and says "what?" as she bats her eyes. Often goes by the name of Amy.
Damn... she ain't nothin' but trouble!
by AahzCat April 20, 2010
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The incredible, intriguing, charismatic guy you should stay away from for “practical” reasons (he works with you, makes you want to do very bad things in very bad places, the list goes on…) Still, you can’t stop sending him salacious text messages and emails (at work, on vacation, early in the morning, late at night…) He draws the “very bad” girl out of you…… And you love it….
Mmmmmmm, here comes trouble…… I want to throw him down onto the conference table and have my way with him.”
by 579chai June 14, 2006
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Mentally disturbed as a result of reckless behavior (Drug use,Alcohol, Excessive Partying)
Or by Depression, Anxiety/Break from reality due to traumatic experiences.
Or, one of the aforementioned causing the other.
Diana lost the plot and hit her mother, She became real troubled ever since she started dating that Aaron boy
by Matrona January 24, 2015
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