Years for the Cock/Rooster are: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005...
by overpapulation July 2, 2010
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A robbery and car jacking technique where the robber drives behind the victim and gently rear ends the person. When the unsuspecting person gets out their car to inspect the damage, the robber robs and/or car jacks the victim.
He looks rich, we should pull a 1969 on him at the next red light.
by RichBLACKIII June 5, 2009
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-The ultimate sex year symbol.
-The 19 portion represents basic sex. 1 represents a male or felmale lying down and the 9 represents the male or female lying on top of 1.
-The 69 represents your common 69 definition.
You say you just did a 1969 when you first have basic sex then you do 69, 1969 is a shorter way of saying that.
John- I had a 1969 with Amy last night
Harry- ..What?
John- First we had basic sex then we did 69.
Harry- Ohh... Hey that sounds like fun, I'm gonna go do that with Miranda right now!
John- Whoa...way too much info bro.

Jess- Let's do a 1969 Mark!
Mark- A what?
Jess- How do you not know what that means?
Dean- It means you have regular sex first then 69 DUH!
Jess- Dean you're so smart! Let's do a 1969 together.
Mark- I thought we were gonna do that!
Jess-...I'm over you Mark!
by donttellmewhattodo9 July 26, 2011
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From the song “Hotel California”. A phrase that means “since a long time ago”. If someone says “Wow I haven’t done that since 1969” that means they haven’t done that thing in a long time
I haven’t had a root beer float since 1969.
by YuOfTheNight August 2, 2019
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Well, the internet in 1969, you may ask... well, here's a story. By December 5, 1969, a 4-node network was connected by adding the University of Utah and the University of California, Santa Barbara. Building on ideas developed in ALOHAnet, the ARPANET grew rapidly. ... The early ARPANET used the Network Control Program (NCP, sometimes Network Control Protocol) rather than TCP/IP.
Well, let's go to the past to the internet in 1969.
by MiyamotoFanatic2009 November 18, 2017
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If something exists, there is a Christian version of it.
Heavy Metal music had Black Sabbath and Judas Priest.

Stryper and Jars Of Clay defined Christian hard rock which proves rule 1969.
by bvb1123 March 13, 2021
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