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N: An unrealistic desire to be regarded more for talent and / or depth over stunning anatomy (named for actressMegan Fox, born in 1986, who expressed this sentiment)
Lori has a rocking bod and a dazzling face, but she's got a bad case of Megan Fox complex.
by ReverseHaloEffect May 02, 2009

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(Noun) An individual possessing no brains whatsoever, but usually plenty of ego; the topmost appendage on such an individual.
Natalie is a rich bitch and a hollow head.
by ReverseHaloEffect July 28, 2009

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having a massive grin, usually to the extent where the teeth overshadow the rest of the face
That chick is so toothy you have to wonder who's the star of the show. Her or her teeth?

Toothy celebrities include:
by ReverseHaloEffect September 04, 2006

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Intellectually insulting nickname for Britney Spears or Whitney Houston, with which it rhymes.
"Jessica Alba will never be known as a Twitney. She's much too bright for that."
by ReverseHaloEffect May 13, 2006

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The end result of flatulence, only much more intense than normal. May be used by kids to indicate a smelly blast of this type. Also spelled "stinkey."
Excuse me, someone just let off a stinkie!
by ReverseHaloEffect April 27, 2006

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Paris Hilton's nickname; a reference to the Ebola virus for its PERCEIVED remarkable spreading range and ability to resist or overcome vaccination.
Hollywood Ebola kicked and screamed the whole way to jail, cried and whined in jail, but came out looking like a million bucks to a sea of shutterbugs, all the while making a mockery of the system that tried to teach her a lesson. She's learned nothing and forgotten nothing.
by ReverseHaloEffect January 22, 2008

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An obedient unquestioning individual of either gender, usually in a high-ranking position at a multinational office (e.g. politics). Based on the 1972 novel of the identical title, this use of the term moves beyond the "cult of domesticity" and expands as far as the public / political arena.
In this government, a strong independent representative is very much frowned upon, but a Stepford wife lasts for the entire term.
by ReverseHaloEffect November 04, 2020

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