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A cognitive bias in which a subject is judged negatively as a whole based on a single and often circumstantial component. The opposite of the halo effect.
Bob: You’re going to see the new Sex and the City movie? That’s going to suck!
Kate: No, it isn’t. It’s just you and the pitchfork effect.

Bob: You listen to Lady Gaga? How about listening to some real music for once?
Joe: I could care less about your taste in music; that’s just a pitchfork effect.
by ReverseHaloEffect June 30, 2010
Lay a hard solid turd, usually a long and thick shot that can get stuck in the narrow passage of a toilet (and cause a serious overflow for your downstairs neighbor).
When I was told that I'd just shit a brick, I actually felt like I'd just shit a brick. (The latter uses the more accepted definition, associated with anxiety and stress.)
by ReverseHaloEffect May 12, 2020
(Noun) An individual possessing no brains whatsoever, but usually plenty of ego; the topmost appendage on such an individual.
Natalie is a rich bitch and a hollow head.
by ReverseHaloEffect July 28, 2009
Paris Hilton's nickname; a reference to the Ebola virus for its PERCEIVED remarkable spreading range and ability to resist or overcome vaccination.
Hollywood Ebola kicked and screamed the whole way to jail, cried and whined in jail, but came out looking like a million bucks to a sea of shutterbugs, all the while making a mockery of the system that tried to teach her a lesson. She's learned nothing and forgotten nothing.
by ReverseHaloEffect January 23, 2008
N: An unrealistic desire to be regarded more for talent and / or depth over stunning anatomy (named for actressMegan Fox, born in 1986, who expressed this sentiment)
Lori has a rocking bod and a dazzling face, but she's got a bad case of Megan Fox complex.
by ReverseHaloEffect May 3, 2009
An occurrence for which there is absolutely no time but whose (continuous) nature warrants its complete attention until it is resolved (based on an actual event that took place on a Sunday evening in 1998). Does not normally apply to matters that require human mediation.
I got a Sunday-night headache over that stupid alarm.
by ReverseHaloEffect April 27, 2006
The end result of flatulence, only much more intense than normal. May be used by kids to indicate a smelly blast of this type. Also spelled "stinkey."
Excuse me, someone just let off a stinkie!
by ReverseHaloEffect April 27, 2006