Usually performed by an extremely gay person called max. The move in which a man cums into another man's mouth, the man then gargles to create a shampoo effect.
bob: what is that guy doing in the movie?
fred: he is giving him the shampoo
by callmegod93 June 25, 2009
adj. Mentally cleansed, espeically of behaviours, attitudes, or even memories considered "undesirable" by one partner. To truly shampoo a partner requires a great deal of effort to achieve the required level of obedience, but results in a docile and obedient lover who cannot conceive of not wanting to obey and please.
GF1: "Damn, Margot really shampooed her toyboy!"
GF2: "He doesn't even recognize his old girlfriends anymore..."
GF1: "She took him from free-range boi to shampooed toy!"
by Margot and Bubble May 26, 2009
A concoction used to cleanse one's scalp. Its ingredients consist of:

1 part sham
1 part poo
Dang, I wish Greasy Gary would use some shampoo.
by Wojeezy May 25, 2008
What some people call the Orca whale Shamu at Seaworld in San Diego USA.
{trainer in the water with Shamu}: Here Shampoo!
{Shamu} Emits several brief squeals and then douches his trainer rather thoroughly with huge jets of water
by Telephony August 12, 2016
To indulge in alcoholic consumption the following day/night after getting completely shitfaced the night before. Usually it's easier to get drunk that next night.
Kate and Lauren are shampooing in the fratmosphere again tonight!
by Fropaholic June 24, 2009
A creamy goo used to clean a person's hair it also makes it feel & smell good
Kaylee : Hey Kiersten thanks for letting me use your Shampoo this morning!
Kiersten : No problem I noticed your hair was a little greasy!
Kaylee : No!!! I Had just ran out I wash my hair everday!
Kiersten : Whatever! Last night Jake came for me 3 times it must be my new Shampoo I think it really stimulates his penis!
Chad : Wow Kaylee I never noticed how sexy your hair was til today wanna come up to my office and let me cum for you?
Kaylee : Sure Chad maybe after work you can come to my place and Shampoo my hair!
Chad : You know Kaylee this could lead to a promotion for you!
Kiersten : Damn't Kaylee! You took my sexy Shampoo this morning! YOU BITCH!
by SlopNChop May 21, 2018
When you drink a LOT one night, and then the next day you drink a little but get very drunk. Just like when you shampoo and you just use a little bit and get tons of suds.
I only drank a beer but I shampooed from last night. I'm wasted !
by Oshkosshbygosh April 27, 2014