When you plug a cord into a wall and automatically order a baby on amazon. For some reason you can't choose two-day shipping. The baby usually arrives in 9 months.
Yo, I conceived last night! I gotta wait 9 months for my package!
by stevegreensburg September 28, 2019
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to imagin to do or create something, thinking for doing someting, ideate to do sth.
we conceive to build a school in this place
by fariborz September 21, 2010
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when a woman becomes pregnant, offspring is conceived.
Many people do not know this, but Mario and I had a sister who died before she was conceived.
by Inspector Harry Bush August 22, 2003
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Sean:Dude, I went over for a booty call last night but accidentally blew inside her. So I got the fuck out.
Brian: Haha nice! A perfect conceive and leave.
by DeBro Ohio State University. August 04, 2010
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Fucking a thot, nutting in her then bouncing after ur get her pregnant.
Yo John, I had to Conceive then Leave with the chick at the club.
by The Literal Motherfucker November 06, 2018
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conceived of rights Is very similar to birthrights however wherever you were conceived is technically where you are from.
Grace:” I am tired of you Americans“
Victor :“but you were born in America”
Grace:”... but I was conceived in Puerto Rico so it’s technically conceived rights.”
by Yoursis45 September 09, 2020
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An expression used by urban rap artists to describe ex-girlfriends & silly girls.
Ur soo ill-conceived u silly girll!
by RaisingD September 21, 2010
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