When you plug a cord into a wall and automatically order a baby on amazon. For some reason you can't choose two-day shipping. The baby usually arrives in 9 months.
Yo, I conceived last night! I gotta wait 9 months for my package!
by stevegreensburg September 28, 2019
to imagin to do or create something, thinking for doing someting, ideate to do sth.
we conceive to build a school in this place
by fariborz September 21, 2010
when a woman becomes pregnant, offspring is conceived.
Many people do not know this, but Mario and I had a sister who died before she was conceived.
by Inspector Harry Bush August 22, 2003
Sean:Dude, I went over for a booty call last night but accidentally blew inside her. So I got the fuck out.
Brian: Haha nice! A perfect conceive and leave.
Fucking a thot, nutting in her then bouncing after ur get her pregnant.
Yo John, I had to Conceive then Leave with the chick at the club.
by The Literal Motherfucker November 7, 2018
conceived of rights Is very similar to birthrights however wherever you were conceived is technically where you are from.
Grace:” I am tired of you Americans“
Victor :“but you were born in America”
Grace:”... but I was conceived in Puerto Rico so it’s technically conceived rights.”
by Yoursis45 September 10, 2020
Friend #1: "You look like a mole person"
Friend #2: "Shut the fuck up, you were anally conceived"
by Pastor_Colerick April 9, 2022