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When you meet with someone without anyone knowing except you and the person.
by Timbs March 08, 2017
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Originally used in the U.S. Army to describe the act of pretending to work in order to avoid actually working.
"Specialist Little is the Sham Master. He can take 3 hours to wipe his ass and look busy the whole time."
by W. A. Rice October 29, 2004
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SH-A-MSS Shams means Sun in the Arabic language . Shams is loyal , friendly , energetic , smart , fun , encouraging , funny , bright and a great friend . She has a delightful personality , and a huge amount of friends ! She's more of an outsider , says whatever is on her mind . However if you stab her back or gossip about her , she will turn into satan himself ! Be careful . She has a confidant , strong and a trustable personality . And when she gets in trouble people will most likely believe her and will defend her . She gets into a lot of drama although she dislikes drama .
You should be more like Shams .

Don't you just love Shams's sense of humor ?

Shams really hates dramatic people !
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by Xvngle December 08, 2018
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The sun.

The most caring guy you'll ever meet in your life. His first name will start with Muhammad.... The person who is an idiot but has the kindest heart. Knows how to make everyone happy. The person who represents life and happiness.
by LifeBeingSN August 29, 2017
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Means The Sun in Arabic and Persian, also in some other languages derived from the two eg. Urdu.
Shams is looking real bright today.
by Lelouch1 December 24, 2014
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Irish slang (mostly used in the southern County of Cork, famous for its plethora of slang terms)

a "sham" is primarily the term used to describe a young male knacker, specifically the ones who walk around with a chip on thier shoulder, thinking they own everything in sight, and that they are the greatest thing on god's green earth

it can also be used to show genuine praise, much to the same affect as "the shit".
Dave - " Check out the sham across the road "
Kevin - " what a twat ! "
"my new shoes are the sham"
billy - " like my new top ? "
joe - " you look like a right sham... "
by Emperor Bubba April 05, 2005
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