"My friend Mary dates a guy who's 11 years younger than her, she loves having a ToyBoy and I bet he loves having an older woman too"
by Miss P July 19, 2004
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A young man pleasurable to the eye that you have as a 'toy' with no intention of a serious relationship. Used often as a rebound after a failed relationship.
"Look, she's got herself a toyboy after braking up with Tom. That lucky bastard"
by Candy Starr January 23, 2004
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Younger male who pleases the older woman
"She is old enough to be his mother that must be her toyboy"

"His gf is like 10 years older than him what a toyboy"
by Harry69 October 29, 2009
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Every Dave needs a toy and Daves toy boy will supply him with sweet treats and sexual please.

Often on guard ready to finger his ass with a Kit Kat and lick his belly button.
Ew look at him, he’s such a Daves Toyboy
by CrazyFlute August 20, 2021
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