When someone knowingly ignores a text or snapchat and doesn't respond.
Beccy:"Oh how is John"
Janet:"I don't know he has been giving me the seen all day"
by CosmicBlur December 03, 2016
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a term originating from Jamaica that shows understanding....that one has "seen" what you just said.

Or is just as often used as a question (instead of "know what I'm saying?" or "know what I mean?")
"Smoke this sensi and you'll get lifted--no joke, ..don't check it with no lightweight stuff --seen?"

"true, true -- yeah man --seen."
by SG June 29, 2004
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Reading acknowledgement on facebook chat.

When the person you're talking to click on your name and hypotheoretically read the message you sent her, a small logo "Seen" appears under your words.

It has been the reason of a few breakups, suicides and uninvited sexual intercourses.
Justin Bieber - 12:07
Selena please...

- Seen - 12:08
by Choupi November 28, 2012
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When you're trying to talk to someone on facebook but they view your message and don't respond.
John: "Hey Luke whats up"
Luke: *Seen*
John: "Am i really being seened?"
Luke: *Seen*
by Durry Muncher August 02, 2014
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When you're on Facebook and someone chats you, but you don't want to talk to them. Except, you can't ignore them anymore because Facebook decided to tell the other person when you saw the message!
by Jkimmy98 March 03, 2014
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#1: we're gonna chill at my house after my dad dips, seen?
#2: seeeen
by -[omar]- September 23, 2006
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