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Sensi is short for sensimellia which means no seeds. Like in your herb.
You want some herb?
-Only if it is sensi!
by kine bud April 27, 2004
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Weed, Reefer, Herb, Ganja, Pot, Enysore, Trees, Grass, Smoke, Skunk, Buddah, Bud, Rip, Blunt, 420, Green, Regs, KB's, Kine Budd, Chronic, Chron Chron, Dank, Marijuana, Mary Jane, Marrijihuana, Brownies, Headies, ThC, Schwag, Hemp, Cannabis, Shi, Shit, Leaf, Bone, Joint, 'Erb, Twist....
We gotta smoka some a sensi
by CrakZak August 21, 2003
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Short for the word sensitive. Can be used in any manner where the word sensitive is used and is not in any way limited to the description of emotions.
It's not a big deal, dont be so Sensi.
My skin is very sensi to the sun.
by Mr. Sensi August 06, 2012
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Describes a very sensitive guy. He's known to order appletinies, wears silk underwear with a breathable crotch, rides Sasha fast and hard, and while he considers himself heterosexual, there is certainly room for doubt.
JD from Scrubs: He's not a sensi. He's a nutjob
by Nancy_Drew_Mysterious October 09, 2006
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AP: Yo Maeghan why is your boyfriend crying?
Maeghan: Cause he's a sensi.
AP: What like a pussy?
Maeghan: No...worse
by A Peezie August 22, 2007
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Childish, almost Popeye} way of predicting the future (see example below).
"I sensis sumfin bad's going to happen to you in the next 10 seconds!"
"Hey man, that's a load of c-"
(skoogs him)
"Ay! Don't mess my do!"
by Alex Quantashassle June 09, 2005
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