A word from the Kansa Native American word meaning: A good place to dig for roots.

Commonly confused as a good place to grow potatoes.
Topeka, pronounced tuh-peek-uh is the capitol of Kansas. It comes from the word topeka which is pronounced toe-peek-ah.
by Yomama Chewbaca January 31, 2005
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The Kansas town that Superman's childhood home, Smallville, was based on.

Metropolis = New York City
Smallville = Topeka
If you're driving from the east coast to Denver the LAST place you can stop and get Starbucks and some CDs from Best Buy before driving several plus hours through wheat, cows, corn, dry grass and more grass. Then more grass.
by Clark Kent April 14, 2005
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A city of around 120,000 people and also the capital of Kansas. It is the hometown of the progressive/arena rock band of Kansas. It's tallest building is the capitol building itself, at 93 meters, followed by the Bank of America building at 16 floors/stories. It is a city of more conservative and laid-back people with stronger morals than most large cities in the Northeast.
Topeka is the capital of Kansas.
by Radical Republican. November 18, 2004
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Topeka is the capital of Kansas. Topeka has had a stagnate population of 120,000 people. Topeka attracts very little on account of careless citizens as well as a disorganized city government which is mocked by secular group of bigots known as the Phelps clan. Topeka also has one of the highest crime rates per capita in the nation. There is little to do in Topeka for young people as well as middle aged people who seek a night life. Topeka has no night life, very little culture, and very little reason for young people to settle there after college. The city also has a hard time attracting any young families. Shawnee, Kansas can attract young families where as Topeka cannot do such a thing. Topeka would have died out years ago if it was not the state capital. Can something similar be said about state capitals in general? If you live in the Greater Kansas City area or Lawrence, then there is no reason to ever go to Topeka. There generally is never a legitimate reason to visit Topeka unless you are interested in touring the capital building and seeing the World Famous Topeka Zoo, which now has to be maintained by the county. Topeka is devasting.
Student One: Hi, where are you from?
Student Two: Overland Park, and you?
Student One: ...Topeka...
Student Two: Oh...yeah Topeka.
Student One: Yes, Topeka of all places.
by Eddie Ewing October 2, 2005
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The Capitol of kansas. But it's also a shithole. But there are some nice people here.
1. I live in Topeka and I'm only staying because my friends live here.
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The best internet prank ever. Topeka said they would change their name to google if google moved a location to Topeka. Google responded by changing the display on their site to the word Topeka for 4-1-2010.
That Topeka prank was funny.
by badgerman5566 May 8, 2010
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