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2 definitions by LadyGagaDeadAunt

"Local" is typically a term used by stans on stan Twitter to describe people who aren't like them. Locals are the most basic, average mold of a human being, all clones of each other with no unique personality or qualities; they all listen to the most mainstream music and think it was written by God himself, think watching Netflix on a Friday night is a personality trait and quote Vines like they're bible verses.

You'll typically find locals at Starbucks taking pictures of their drinks, acting like fools in Target thinking it makes them quirky, or at a Drake concert because he, along with Migos and Cardi B, are the leaders of locals. Girls will be seen sporting a pound of makeup, a tight tank top with ripped jean shorts and Birkenstocks while the boys will be seen in a man bun, OBEY t-shirt and bermuda shorts.
"Why is this Drake song still being played on the radio? It came out like, 3 months ago!"

"Locals stream it at their beer pong parties, blame them"
by LadyGagaDeadAunt October 12, 2018
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A place so far in the closet, Justin Bieber isn't even there.
Narnia...a place so far in the closet, Justin Bieber isn't even there.
by LadyGagaDeadAunt October 22, 2010
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