Short for football (i.e. soccer)
I'm going to watch the footie match this afternoon, care to join me?
by Hellish November 14, 2004
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The act of stroking a penis with a foot or feet
Girl: Do you want a hand job?
Guy: Lets change it up, how 'bout a footie?
by Young bull May 29, 2008
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What the Australians also refer to as Aussie rules football. The Australian version of football. It's more like a big oval shaped pitch on which a bunch of guys try to slaughter each other with every trick they can come up with.
"Don't forget to sign your life insurance policy before goin to Footie, luv!"
by Flo January 27, 2004
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A picture like a selfie, except of your foot.
I like the footie you took at the beach - you really got to put your feet up.
by thoth July 16, 2015
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Short for footage. This can be any kind of footage such as video or audio.
"Hey man we gotta get some footie of you fucking that ho!"
by IceWarm June 17, 2004
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Footie: the English soccer, quite fun, but extremely boring a stupid

It is also called football which is a heck of a lot better
Oi, that footie game was awesome!
It was quite boring really
Yeah, we should just wipe out the whole lot of the footie players
Heck yeah, then we can get more rugby or field hockey in!
No way, we need football, the American football!
by shnibblesrcool July 3, 2006
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used in England for shorter version of Football, which americans call Soccer
You goin down the park for a game of Footy?
You watching the footy tongiht?
by Jarocho Condessa March 11, 2004
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