Oregano, often mistaken for various other herbs including weed.
This my friends, is the good shit.
by Bigparsnip August 27, 2006
"good shit" is an expression someone says when they like an action or event that has happened.
Person A: Hey, I'm seeing this band live tomorrow night, how are they?
Person B: Dude, they are amazing live, you're going to have a blast!
Person A: Good shit!
by Oceasar November 14, 2013
A phrase used to describe drugs that get you higher than usual.
That bag of weed I bought from my friend was some good shit.
by AYB April 9, 2003
Something that you know is bad for you but still love it.
"That KFC chicken was good shit"
by lnluc September 16, 2006
the stuff you get from you dealer
dude 1) broooooooooooooooooo thats that good shit

dude 2) i know right
by falloutboi123 December 12, 2018
when playing basketball it's used to mean "nice move" or "good play"
player 1: dunks
teammate: That's good shit.
by mwilson January 3, 2006
n.- when you drop a deuce and you feel a lot better than when you went in the bath in the first place.
that was a good shit!
by leaveit2keeler January 29, 2011