The freshmaker! is someone who makes everything fresh, exciting, and fun.
I've just been reading entries added to The Urban Dictionary by The Freshmaker! and I'm already feeling revitalized.
by The Freshmaker! March 22, 2014
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Noun ~ A Mentos breath mint.
#1 Yo man, your breath stinks, you need a freshmaker.
#2 Thanks, Beotch.
by Tall_Dave March 1, 2006
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fellatio whilst having mentos or other strong mints in their mouth, producing a cool tingly sensation.
D - dude, she was going down on me right
M - yea
D - but she put 2 ALTOIDS in her mouth first. OMFG!
M - she gave you a freshmaker!
by speede January 2, 2007
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smooth ass motherfucker. Gets all the ladies.
Fresh ta death.
awww shit looks like my female options are spoiled, here come Vinny that dude the freshmaker. i dont even stand a chance.
by VinnyVincenz July 11, 2008
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The sexual act of pouring Diet Coke on your genitals and then encouraging your partner to fellate you with a Mentos in their mouth.
I got a Freshmaker from Tina last night and now I have to reupholster my Camry.
by charlie44 January 1, 2023
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A variation of cunilingus where a mentos is inserted into the vagina followed by a mouthful of diet coke. The sexual partner then positions themself to take the resultant explosion in the face. Other variations include the strawberry freshmaker, when the act is performed during a woman's menses.
Hey Rob, whats that in your hair?....Oh, I forgot to towel off after last night's freshmaker.
by Turpelloni June 26, 2011
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