Another word for bitch. Can be used to call a friend.
1. You f**kin beotch. (insult)

2. What up beotch. (friends)
by NUKKA1 September 26, 2003
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When your going to drop the bitch word but your mom's sitting across the room. So you substitute to beotch.
Me: This noob online is such a b-------beotch
Mom: Nice save Jimbo.
by FrikBoy January 19, 2022
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Meaning a worthless piece of shit.

See Sherry Dawn Bennett/Swanson/Blackwell

Stans first ex-wife
What a "Beotch!
by Beach Bum 1220 December 13, 2010
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also means "bitch"
P Diddy is a beotch.
by Anonymous April 12, 2003
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describes a person who is either your close friend or infact a beotch.
hey beotch! your like so good at make up!

hey beotch. i hate you.
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A word made up by minorities in a time when speech impediments and making up words was cool.
by Scandalous September 23, 2005
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