The motion of you rubbing the head of your penis in a foward direction only. (as pretend or not)

motions like: peting a snake on the head or turning on a flashlight

Turning it "on" is a descriptive task

Give a thumbs up
now rub the tip of your thumb to the heel in a forward direction and repeat
Watching a sweet chick walk by, but can't say a word..

use "the flashlight"
by CCC March 9, 2004
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A very complex tool used to scare away the creepy creatures of the dark. You push down on a beautiful black circle to activate your weapon. Once you press the button, a light will come on, scaring all the creepy creatures away!
My brother was lurking in my room. I got scared, so I turned on my flashlight to scare him away.
by OofBanana October 29, 2018
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"Why won't the flashlight turn on?"
"Duh, they're not designed to work most of the time."
by Daniel Munro May 6, 2005
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When a girl is flaunting her large breasts in a club or bar, a sad man turns the flashlight on his phone and shines it on her protruding cleavage.
Man that bitch is flaunting her huge titties, time for a flashlighting! -OG
by Schwinder January 4, 2017
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When You bang your penis on a girl's ass because you can't get it to work.
My Cousin once seen his grandma and grandpa doin' it doggie style but grandpa was pullin' a flashlight on grandma's ass because he has ED.
by Andrew Malfe August 6, 2007
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Rubber sex toy, that looks like flashlight. Created for pleasant jerking off. Rubber inside it simulate vagina/anus/mouth.

How to use:

1) Put your erect penis inside it

2) You can hold it in your hand/put it between pillows

3) Bone it

(For better effect you can add some oil in it)
Ohh, I cummed a lot after jerking off with flashlight.
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A slang term for "breasts", derived from the act of flashing, often practiced by women.
Katie: Your flashlights are underdeveloped.
Shelley: Gee, Thanks.
by Shalleigh February 3, 2010
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